Transatlantic Relations at the Crossroads

15 October 2018 – 6pm – 7:30pm

European Parliament Offices on 2175 K Str. NW (EU Delegation entrance on 22nd street)

The European Parliament Liaison Office in Washington DC and the Washington European Society are pleased to invite you to an evening discussion with Ambassador Daniel Fried on the current state and future prospects of transatlantic relations. The event will take place on October 15, from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm at the European Parliament Liaison Office.

Against a backdrop of heightened tensions marked by trade disputes, disagreements over the role of NATO, climate change policy and other key issues, transatlantic relations seem to be at a crucial stage. Yet allies on both sides of the Atlantic have emerged from worse divisions in the past and still share many fundamental values and interests. The discussion plans on shedding light on these issues and encouraging debate between participants and Ambassador Daniel Fried. An informal networking session will follow the discussion.

Ambassador Fried currently serves as a distinguished fellow at the Future Europe Program of the Atlantic Council, a think tank in Washington DC. Before that, he played a key role in designing and implementing American policy in Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union. As special assistant and National Security Council senior director for Presidents Clinton and Bush, ambassador to Poland, and assistant secretary of state for Europe, Ambassador Fried crafted the policy of NATO enlargement to Central European advancing the goal of Europe whole, free, and at peace.

Amb. Fried is also widely considered one of the foremost experts on economic sanctions policy, having crafted strong US and EU sanctions against Russia after the Crimea annexation in 2014, while serving as the State Department top coordinator for sanctions policy. Ambassador Fried also served as the State Department’s special envoy for the closure of the Guantanamo Detainee Facility and continues to be committed to promoting human rights and American democratic values around the world.

Join us, get a (free) ticket on Eventbrite (the password is “transatlantic”), and spread the word. Places available on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 15th.

Social Spotlight on Poland, Croatia, Germany, and Pennsylvania

10 October 2018 – 6:30pm-9:30pm

Emissary – 2032 P ST NW, Washington D.C. 20036

After our well-received first edition in February, we would like to present you the second Social Spotlight! This evening will provide you with a unique understanding of European (and Pennsylvanian) culture, an overview of the most recent political developments in national politics, and (maybe) fun facts about European sports. To get these vibrant insights, WES taps into a unique resource: YOU.

For the second event of this type, we asked fellow WES-lers from Poland, Croatia, Germany, and Pennsylvania (USA) to give us a 10-15 minutes pitch on a variety of national issues of their choice. For example, we might learn more about Berlin’s top 3 museums, Polish’s cuisine, and Croatia’s secret at the football world cup.

We will meet on Wednesday (10/10) at 6:30pm at the Emissary, enjoy the selected stories from three European and one US speaker, and then transition into a happy hour where we can inquire about personalized suggestions for vacation or restaurant visits.

We hope you will join us!
We reserved space at the Emissary for up to 15 people (first come first serve).

An evening at the Georgian Embassy with H.E David Bakradze

25 June 2018 – 6pm -9pm

Georgian embassy to the US – 1824 R St NW, Washington, DC 20009-1604, United States


We are pleased to invite the members of the Washington European Society to an evening with the Ambassador David Bakradze at the Embassy of Georgia.

Georgia – With its “green valleys spread with vineyards, old churches and watch towers perched in fantastic mountain scenery”- is allegedly not only “one of the most beautiful countries on earth” but also “the birthplace of wine” and “a place where guests are considered blessings and hospitality is the very stuff of life.”

Please join us for an evening celebration of Georgian culture and learn more about this thriving European country (80% support to EU membership). After indulging in Georgian hospitality (regional snacks and famous Georgian wine), the Ambassador will give us an insight into why the country currently experiences a boom in tourism (expected visitors 2018: 8 million; 2012: 4.4 million) but also into what the most pressing political issues (10 years since Georgia-Russia war in two regions of Georgia – Abkhazia and South Ossetia). After Ambassador’s remarks, we will open the floor to you, the guests, to either plan your next vacation, explore the long-lasting relationship between Georgia and the EU (the EU is Georgia’s largest trading partner), or to learn more about what happened in the 2008 war with Russia. We then conclude the evening with – obviously – more tasteful wine.

Join us, get a (free!) ticket on Eventbrite (the password is “WES”), and spread the word (we have more than 50 seats). Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. We are looking forward to seeing you on the 25th.

Limited Seats: A Toast to Privacy Celebrating Day 1 of the GDPR

24 May 2018 – 5.30pm-7pm

EU Delegation – 2175 K St NW


Introducing the upcoming General Data Protecting Regulation, we have been invited to bring 10 WESlers (use the password “WES”; first come, first serve) to this great event organized by the Delegation of the European Union and the Future of Privacy Forum:

“Whether you are a data protection officer or an IT analyst, a privacy advocate or a concerned consumer, join us to celebrate this major milestone event in-person or online.

Come together with public and private sector leaders from Europe and the United States for a toast to all the hard work that has gone into preparing for the General Data Protection Regulation.

Listen to a short panel discussion featuring:

Ambassador David O’Sullivan, European Union Delegation to the United States
Jules Polonetsky, CEO, The Future of Privacy Forum
Enjoy “midnight” toasts to data protection and privacy at 6 p.m. EDT (midnight in Brussels) from key stakeholders from EU institutions, industry, academia and more via video conference.” Please RSVP on eventbrite until the the end of May 23.

Meet your MEP and MP: Brown-Bag Lunch at the EP Liaison Office

9 May- 12pm-1.3opm

EP Liaison Office – 2175 K St NW


We would like to invite members of the Washington European Society to a brown-bag lunch with over 30 young (under the age of 40) Members of the European Parliament and of European National Parliaments on May 9, at the EP Liaison Office with US Congress.

We will have the opportunity to meet the participants of the EU-40 transatlantic network session and to talk with them about their view on the transatlantic relationship.

With our lunch, the MEPs and MPs conclude a several day long trip to Washington DC, where they will have had the opportunity to meet key stakeholders and to get first hand impressions about the state of the transatlantic community.

Aligning with our objective to foster debate, discussion, and mutual ties among European (-minded) young professionals living and working in DC, we have the opportunity to ask our representatives in the European/National Parliaments what they think about the present and future US-European relationship. We, on the other hand, can give them a fully immersed perspective on what it means for European to live here during these exciting times.

Please use the Eventbrite link to register (password: WES). Spots are limited and ID is compulsory.

Journalism and Democracy: A Discussion with John Kester

10 April 2018 – 6pm-9pm

Hawthorne- 1336 U St NW, Washington D.C. 20009



Join us on Tuesday, April 10th, for a discussion on the changing role of journalism and free press in democracy. We will discuss current developments, challenges, and opportunities with our speaker John Kester, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions on the topic. Afterwards, we will break into a traditional happy hour!

More information about our speaker : John Kester, who began his journalism career in 2014 at The Wall Street Journal’s New York headquarters reporting financial and accounting news, is currently a policy analyst and international journalist with Foreign Policy in Washington, D.C.

His work has appeared in Foreign Policy, The Wall Street Journal, and Washingtonian, and has been cited in Harvard Business Law Review. John has interviewed three U.S. presidential candidates, foreign dignitaries, and a Nobel laureate. He has traveled, studied, and worked in nearly fifty countries on five continents. A Washington, D.C. native, he has lived in London, Paris, and Tokyo. He is familiar with five languages, including native English, advanced Spanish and Japanese, and limited French and Italian.

This event is informal and off the record.

It will take place at the Hawthorne glass rooftop and the bar will be open during the event. After the discussion, we will break into a Happy Hour!

UN French Language Day Happy Hour

20 March 2018 – 6pm-9pm

La Jambe – 1550 7th St NW, Washington D.C. 20001

UN French

Join “Les Frenchies a DC” and WES to celebrate the official French Language Day on March 20th at La Jambe.
For this months’ happy hour we are bringing together the dedicated Francophone group of DC with the wider scope of Europhiles in the Washington European Society to celebrate French language and culture. Of course you can also come if you don’t speak French (yet).

Les Frenchies : Rendez-vous le 20 mars a la Jambe a partir de 18h00!
Celebrons ensemble la journee internationale de la francophonie avec nos amis de la WES!
If you want to join Les Frenchies a DC, check out their facebook group:

Historical background:
“For the French language, 20 March was chosen as the date since it “coincides with the 40th anniversary of the International Organization of La Francophonie”, a group whose members share a common tongue, as well as the humanist values promoted by the French language. Other dates were selected for the celebration of the UN’s other five official languages.”

Social Spotlight on Bulgaria, Italy, and Spain

22 February 2018 – 6pm-9pm

Emissary – 2032 P ST NW, Washington D.C. 20036

WES presents you a new format that provides you with a unique understanding of European cultures, an overview of the most recent political developments in national politics, and fun facts about European sports. To get these vibrant insights, WES taps into a unique resource: YOU.

For the first event of this type, we asked fellow WES-lers from Bulgaria, Italy, and Spain to give us a 10-15 minutes pitch on a variety of national issues of their choice. For example, we might (this is not guaranteed) learn more about Sofia’s top 3 museums, Italy’s five star movement, and Spain’s secret at the upcoming football world cup.

We will meet on Thursday (2/22) at 8pm at the Emissary, enjoy the selected stories from the three European speakers, and then transition into a normal happy hour where we can inquire about personalized suggestions for vacation or restaurant visit.

Happy Hour: WES kicks off 2018

29 January 2018 – 6pm-9pm

Blackfinn Ameripub – 1620 I St NW, Washington, DC 20006

Join us for our first happy hour in the new year at DC’s Blackfinn Ameripub!
We would like to kick off things in 2018 by bringing together everyone who is interested in Washington’s European network. Feel free to bring friends, as well as any suggestions/ wishes for future events, or contacts that could contribute to our society. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested in getting more involved in the work of WES.

We will be in the back area of Blackfinn and – most importantly – the happy hour was extended for us until 9pm.

We are looking forward to see everyone!

Reforming Europe: A Conversation With Valerie Rouxel-Laxton

11 December 2017- 6pm-9pm

Bar Dupont 1500 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington, DC 20036

Join us (Washington European Society and Vox Europe) for an informal conversation with Valerie Rouxel-Laxton about reforming the European Union.

Against the backdrop of the 2019 European Parliament Elections, Brexit, and a renewed debate on how to improve the EU, numerous voices have emerged with specific proposals, from French president Emmanuel Macron to the European Commission. Proposed reforms are not only economic or institutional, but also focus on how bring the EU closer to its citizens and solve the “democratic deficit” that many Europeans perceive.

No one better to navigate this fascinating debate than Valerie Rouxel-Laxton. Until a few months ago, Valerie was the head of the economic section at the European Union Delegation to the United States. She was responsible for representing the EU on financial and economic matters in the US and analyzing and reporting macroeconomic developments in the US and European economies. She has not only a great knowledge on how the EU works, but also a great understanding of the transatlantic relation and how to explain the EU to American audiences. Valerie holds a PhD in international economics from the Graduate Institute in Geneva, and a Master’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lyon.

We will meet at 6:30 pm at Bar Dupont for some drinks and conversation. See you there! Please register at Eventbrite as well


A Conversation With: Hali Jilani about gender equality

13 November 2017 – 6pm-7.30pm

K street Suite – 1400 K Street NW, Suite 905

Join us (Washington European Society and European Horizons at Georgetown University) for a conversation with Hali Jilani about how to counter gender-based discrimination and promote gender equality in your everyday lives.

With the #metoo movement and the continued presence of sexual discrimination at the workplace and beyond, whether in the form of a ”harmless“ comment or physical interaction, the time to talk about this founding value of the EU couldn’t be more appropriate. True gender equality remains an unfulfilled ideal. While much can be said about the legislative and structural circumstances, we are going to discuss hands-on tactics to counter everyday sexism and overcome moments of helplessness and silence when faced with insulting and discriminating situations.

For that, we are pleased to have Hali Jilani share her experiences and views with us before we enter the roundtable conversation. Hali actively fought the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and headed a women’s hospital there in the early nineties. She served as an advisor for counter terrorism programs in the region and, once the US invaded Iraq in 2003, as a consultant to the Marine Corps. Training soldiers in ”cultural intelligence“, she played an important role in developing the first female engagement teams (FETs). In these circumstances, Hali witnessed various degrees of gender-based discrimination, and she developed her own perspective and tools to deal with such situations.

We are looking forward to welcome up to 20 participants (first come, first serve; deadline for registration: November 13 at 12pm) to join us for a roundtable discussion with our distinguished guest.

Please register on Eventbrite:

At 7:30 we will move to a nearby bar to continue our discussions over a drinks.

Get to know VOLT – a new pan European party

16 October 2017 – 6pm-10pm

2150 P St NW, Washington, DC 20037-1038, United States

Join on us on Monday at 6:00pm for a conversation with Jason Moyer, the head of the DC VOLT representation. He will give us an overview of the goals, methods, and values of VOLT. Of course, this will be followed by some happy hour beers at Soho Café!

Vox is a pan-european, progressive movement aiming to revolutionize the way politics is done across Europe.
We want to make people believe in politics, again.
We want to make Europe work, together.
We want to become a real pan-European political party to change European and national politics, forever.

We are looking forward to see you there. Bring questions, Europhilia, and an excitement for a more democratic Europe.

WES & Frenchies in DC September Happy Hour at ESL

7 September 2017 – 6.30pm- 10pm

Eighteenth Street Lounge – 1212 18th Street Northwest, Washington D.C. 20036

Join the Washington European Society and Frenchies in DC for our social happy hour at Eighteenth Street Lounge. The summer seems to be coming to an end but we want to gather Washinghton´s Europhiles nevertheless. Have a tinto de verano, a french wine, or a german beer with us on ESL´s amazing Deck Bar (with an optional roof in case it rains).
We are looking forward to meet old and new friends and happy to talk about WES, our plans and ideas, and any planned events.

See you there!

WES Joint Summer Happy Hour

3 August 2017 – 6.30pm- 10pm

Eighteenth Street Lounge – 1212 18th Street Northwest, Washington D.C. 20036

Joint happy Hour

Join Washington European Society, Bulgarian Professionals Club, United Macedonian Diaspora, AGBU Young Professionals (Armenians), and Les Frenchies à DC for our big summer happy hour at Eighteenth Street Lounge.

We are delighted to invite you to this informal networking and get-to-know-each-other event. Lets get some drinks and make some new (Europhile) friends and enyoy the !!PATIO!! of Eigtheen Street Lounge!

Once you are there, find us outside and look out for the European flag!

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